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Cold Stone Therapy

What is a migraine headache?

The actual cause of migraines is not known, however we do know what can trigger a migraine.

Here are some of the most common triggers:

Stress and Anxiety

Caffeine Addiction

Hormonal Changes

Food Allergies

Environmental Agitation

It is a debilitating problem for many, causing the loss of work, time with family and being able to function normally.


How do I know if I am suffering from a migraine?

Migraines are classified as follows:

A headache only on one side of the head

Pulsating or throbbing pain

Can shift sides during the same headache, 1 in 10 thousand have this happen

Lasts 4-72 hours

Pain must be severe enough to limit or impair normal activity

Pain must be intensified by physical exertion

Other symptoms of migraines can include:

Pain feeling "heavy" on the head

Sharp pain in one area, "like a knife in my eye"


What happens during a migraine?

During a migraine, the blood vessels in the brain expand in a process called vasodilatation. As the tissues surrounding the brain swell, the pain intensifies.

Most 'headache' medicines increase blood vessel dilation which increases inter-cranial swelling, worsening the migraine. Taking too much of some medicines can cause "rebound headaches".

A migraine is thought to be caused by an inappropriate activation of a pain warning system. This system stays on and continuously repeats.

Migraine Miracle®, The Natural Migraine Solution is a treatment that combines custom designed cold marble stones to contour along key headache sites, which will immediately start to reduce the swelling of the blood vessels and essential oils (aromatherapy) developed specifically to counteract the top four kinds of headache pain.

The four most common types of headaches that are suffered are from food, environment, stress and hormones.

The essential oils are applied to the skin of the face and neck. When the client inhales these essential oils, it immediately begins to affect the brain physiologically, thereby calming the tissues and naturally reducing the pain.


When and how often should treatment be applied?

Migraine Miracle® is meant as a preventative method. Migraine sufferers know the early symptoms. For optimal results, this is exactly when they should receive the treatment.

For stubborn migraines, weekly treatment is highly recommended. Once the cycle breaks maintenance is appropriate depending upon known triggers and stress levels as a means of keeping the migraines at bay.

Other facts about migraines:

Women are most affected (3:1 vs. men)

Approximately 70% of all women who get migraines can predict the onset of a headache around their cycle.

With menopause, fluctuations stop, causing a 65-70% less frequency of headaches

30-45 year olds have more migraines than any other age groups.

70-80% of migraine sufferers have a family history of migraines, why is not known.


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