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Welcome to Healthful Life!  Thank you for visiting me. 

Are your muscles aching and painful after repetitive movements (shoveling, gardening, house work??)

Are you feeling stressed out, anxious and having panic attacks?

Are your cancer treatments wreaking havoc on your body and leaving you feeling fatigued?

Are you frustrated with your healing progress and want to get well faster?

Are you taking too many meds with unwelcome side effects?

If you have any of the above issues try one of my massages.  If you are looking for a traditional relaxing massage or perhaps something unique, highly effective and therapeutic; I am dedicated to improving the quality of your life through Massage and Energy Healing.  

I allow plenty of time between appointments and ensure you get the attention and dedication you deserve.  No rushing you out.  This is your time.  I begin each session listening to your issues and your desired outcome and I will tell you what treatments I feel will best achieve those outcomes.

By the end of the treatment, you will feel transcended and deeply relaxed.  After your session take your time and enjoy some cool water.   Again, No rushing you out.  This is your time.

Before you leave, I will personally answer any questions you may have and possibly give you some suggestions to enhance the session benefits to create balance and relief on a daily basis.


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